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ENERGY efficiency

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Energy optimisation platform

 BEMS architecture & implementation

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How can we consume more efficiently?

This burning issue is at the heart of the ECL Group's approach. In order to respond in the most effective way, we are convinced that we need to address the issue of energy efficiency in its entirety. That is why we think along the entire value chain to define architectures, products and software that optimise the use of energy resources in our homes, offices and industries in real time.

A complete ecosystem of expertise

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The ECL Nexus teams develop a permanent technological monitoring to make the objectives of energy sobriety accessible by developing a range of innovative, responsible and efficient products.

To reduce household energy consumption, DOKLES teams are innovating to provide energy optimisation services to the residential sector.

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The solutions developed by Beelding's experts provide a macro view of the BEMS project as well as global management to work on the energy efficiency of a building.

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